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Forensic Engineering

Forensic engineering is the combination of engineering practice, science, skill and experience.

At JKA our practice in the field of forensic engineering extends to a broad range of construction- related activities including:

  • Deficient design

  • Improper construction techniques

  • Improper construction / building materials

  • Code / slash building regulation compliance

  • Out of sequence work

  • Delay / impact analysis

  • Schedule analysis including critical path delay analysis

  • Project cost irregularities / cost overruns / fraud

  • Contract documentation

  • Insurance fraud

  • Class action product failures.

JKA has more than 25 years of experience in the field of forensic engineering in which we have applied the science of engineering, the skills we have developed and the experience in many complex construction-related matters. Our goals are to provide our clients with objective scientific basis to allow proper decisions to be made. Our experience extends to non-litigated and litigated matters.

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