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Cost Estimating

We believe that every project is unique; no standard template can be applied to your project. Cost estimating is an important facet of the JKA services offered to our clients. Estimates are prepared in formats specifically designed to satisfy our clients’ unique requirements. Estimates can be prepared from conceptual data, design drawings, or bid documents. Our estimates are used for a broad spectrum of applications including bid evaluation, cost effectiveness assessments, fire or earthquake damage, cost to repair, reserve cost analysis, and change order evaluations. In conjunction with our estimating services, we offer Value Analysis studies enabling project participants to optimize budget constraints to achieve a cost effective design.

Types of Estimates JKA Provides:

  • Conceptual Estimate: Estimates based on conceptual data to provide budget parameters for project planning and development. JKA relies on extensive project experience to generate reliable cost models.

  • Schematic Estimate: Schematic estimates are based on more specific information than typically reflected in conceptual plans. JKA has developed historical component and assembly costs, which can project costs more accurately.

  • Detail Estimate: Detail estimates are customized by JKA for our clients specific needs. The most common format is CSI MasterFormat. However, we can deliver estimates in any format.

  • Bid Estimate: Bid estimates are prepared to incorporate all aspects of contract documents for purposes of establishing contract bid price. JKA provides services as a project manager/construction manager.

  • Peer Review: Review of estimates including quantity take-offs, pricing, productivity, market factors, project parameters, mark-ups, and related indirect costs.

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